Life Insurance

Do you find yourself asking: How much life insurance do I need? Would you need enough just to pay for your funeral, and debts you have accumulated? What about your human life value to your family? If your family is accustomed to living their current lifestyle, then shouldn't they be able to continue that way if you are no longer around to provide for them. Take away your income potential, and it will be a financial hardship for your loved ones. What about about inflation? Will the value of today's dollar be the same in 10, 20 or 30 years?

Too often we find people do not have enough life insurance or none at all or figure what they have through their employer is adequate. Purchasing life insurance doesn't have to be complicated, and you can buy term life insurance inexpensively giving you the coverage you need with the least amount of cash outlay.

What happens when the term period expires? Many times clients still need and want life insurance, but are caught in the position of having to purchase it at a higher cost because they are older or they may not be able to even qualify for it because of health concerns.

What if there is a way to maintain a death benefit through our working years and retirement? Would this allow us to spend more of our assets knowing that we have life insurance to replace what we spend and still provide a legacy to our heirs?

We are experienced in helping determine the different types of life insurance options available to you. We can provide you with the lowest cost term life insurance in the marketplace, or we can show you how permanent life insurance can play a role in your overall planning process. You don't have to call a toll free phone number to some stranger perhaps in a different state. Why not talk with a professional in a face to face meeting who will give you more personalized service  especially if the cost is the same?

Give us a call for a free consultation to review your current life insurance protection.